This was a degree project addressing artificial intelligence (AI) and exploring the ways it will transform human labor. An index of written works had been curated, which included articles, research papers, and full-length books of various sources and specific topics, including but not limited to AI's influence on economics, automation, technology, jobs, creativity, politics, and power.

The index was a carefully selected corpus of works, including technical pieces relating to AI in cognitive science, vision, language, and neural networks, as well as broader commentary related to the existential risks of AI. Next, the text from the entire corpus was copied into a single text file and trained on two natural language processing models: a recurrent neural network (RNN) and a GPT-2 transformer model as two separate text generators.

Finally, a digital tool had been developed which allows a human user to sort through the machine outputs specific to this dataset and project, allowing the user to then annotate, extract, and interpolate the machine text from both the RNN and GPT-2 generations. This project sought to provide a comprehensive overview of the ways AI would transform labor, identifying the potential benefits and risks of AI, and allowing for interaction with generated machine text.
GRAPH-3298-03 : Degree Project, Advisor : Pouya Ahmadi
External Advisors : Griffin Smith, Anastasiia Raina
MAY 30 2023


Inspired by Deborah Adler's 'Clear Rx Medication System,' a speculative re-design for pharamceutical drug labeling to promote safety and medication adherence. Legibility of text, information hierarchy, bi-lingual accessibility (English + Spanish), and clear iconography were considered in the design of a functional graphic system.

Developed in collaboration with Christine Wang & Leslie Berumen Flores for a project presented to the American Heart Association.
GRAPH-3216-02: Design Studio 4, Anther Kiley
MAY 17 2023


An experimental piece blending the natural and artificial elements. Allusions to landscape and moss gardens interpolate into an abstracted and glitchy graphic environment. Technical explorations of force fields and soft body simulation.
GRAPH-3318-03 : Digital 3D Design, Ed Brown
MAY 13 2023


A speculative rebranding project for MillerKnoll Workplace Research Library. The developed re-brand centers around a modular logo mark derived from the concept of spacial intersection in working environments. Expanded symbols re-innterpret the "Nine Criteria of Adaptive Environments," a set of principles expanding upon Herman Miller's "lean methodologies" based on Toyota's Production system. These criteria were developed by Robert Propst, Director of Research at Herman Miller Research in the 1960s.
GRAPH-3216-02: Design Studio 4, Anther Kiley
APRIL 26 2023


A variable typeface inspired by monospace fonts + new American cursive, an open-ended play on organic form.
GRAPH-3163-02 : Variable Font Workshop, Gabriel Drosdov
APRIL 20 2023


A newsprint publication based on a personal interview conducted with Jan Rasmussen, a graphic designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Printed through the Newspaper Club in Glasgow, Scotland.
GRAPH-3216-02 : Design Studio 4, Anther Kiley
APRIL 08 2023


Mock 3D renderings for a speculative line of concept sneakers. Project was in response to a mock project brief for academic practice in product visualization. Color, material, finish, texture, environment, and lighting were all considered in response to the client's requests.
ID-1524-01 : Design Visualization, Haroon Waseem
FEBRUARY 03 2023


Working with an image dataset of 'kokedama' plants, this machine learning model utilizes a generative adversarial network (GAN) as a framework. The model was fed 1,000 images in this instance with 20,000 training rounds to generate these 64x64 pixel iterations. Built with Wolfram Language code in Mathematica.
CTC-1000-04 : Introduction to Computation, Jack Madden
JANUARY 25 2023


A lattice overlay generates a photomosaic of hexagonal 'pixels' over portraits. As animations, the portraits expand and recede as the array of hexagons increase and decrease in size. A study exploring image processing with code and the reconstruction of a photographic image using a custom picture element. Coded in Mathematica.
CTC-1000-04 : Introduction to Computation, Jack Madden
JANUARY 21 2023


Rendered compositions for product visualization using 3D models in KeyShot. A study of CMF (color, material, finish) and camera compositions in product communication and representation for Industrial Design.
ID-1524-01 : Design Visualization, Haroon Waseem
JANUARY 21 2023


SOLSTITIUM is a web application that points to the earth's current position relative to preceding and upcoming equinoxes & solstices, with option to toggle between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

The approaching equinoxes + solstices are algorithmically determined based on the user's date and time.
GRAPH-3237-01 : Graphic Design for the Web, Minkyoung Kim
DECEMBER 11 2022


A fully responsive web application that works as an experimental cognitive tool, allowing users to choose between a multititude of states connected to a series of frequencies known as 'binaural beats' which are theorised to assist in focus/concentration, relaxation, or the mitigation of stress.

The purpose of using binaural beats therapy may differ among individuals. While scientific research regarding the use of binaural beats has produced mixed results, this application remains as simply a cognitive & design experiment.
GRAPH-3237-01 : Graphic Design for the Web, Minkyoung Kim
DECEMBER 10 2022


A dynamic typographic identity system dealing with hierarchy, flexibility, modularity, screen, and print in interior, urban, and public spaces. A project engaging a critical research, analytical, and interpretative abilities with consideration of the contextual realities of a contemporary typographic practice.

This piece considers an imagined week-long summer speaker series event for a hybrid design x cognitive neuroscience symposium in San Diego, California.
GRAPH-3223-02 : Typography III, Anastasiia Raina
DECEMBER 04 2022


A brief motion piece that aims to cut through the cacophony of current times to ignite interest, curiosity, care, or concern surrounding a chosen topic or opinion. This piece is about 'Umami,' the fifth flavor in the culinary lexicon.
GRAPH-3226-05 : Design Studio 3, Jacek Mrowcyzk
DECEMBER 01 2022


A project communicating the characteristics and stories of a complex multi-layered narrative pertaining to an urban environment or community. A multi-phase process of data gathering & data visualization culminated in the production of a final piece, ours being a map-like "mosaic" of the city of Providence.

A collaboration with RISD GD members Dana Zeng & Evan Li.

Note: The website is not compatible with mobile devices.
GRAPH-3226-05 : Design Studio 3, Paul Soulellis
NOVEMBER 06 2022


A project working with multiple complex long-form texts to design readable, engaging, and typographic interpretations of the text across three surfaces: mobile, desktop, and print with the aim of maintaining a consistency for the everyday multi-platform reader, approaching the design & typography to make the most of each medium and its affordances and virtues.

This series is called "COMPENDIUM" and lives as both printed issues and a website.
GRAPH-3223-02 : Typography III, Anastasiia Raina
NOVEMBER 03 2022


A project using methods of collection and curation to (visually and publicly) amplify narratives and create meaning.

This series is based off of a collection of masks beginning with two posters extending into a conceptual public exhibition within the New York City subway system.
GRAPH-3226-05 : Design Studio 3, Paul Soulellis
OCTOBER 01 2022


A modular poster system in continuous motion using typography and formal elements.

This series is based off of the text 'The Laws of Simplicity' by technologist & designer John Maeda.
GRAPH-3223-02 : Typography III, Anastasiia Raina


An ongoing archive of recipes indexed into a text-based catalogue, with a simple array of tags to specify content. The project aims to digitally preserve curated recipes while having robust, real-world utility.
GRAPH-3237-01 : Graphic Design for the Web, Minkyoung Kim
DECEMBER 16 2022


A focused, process-based PDF portfolio of selected works (edition 00).
MARCH 06 2023

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